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Edward Enninful: Boldly Making Vogue A Fashion Bible For The 21st Century

Edward Enninful: Boldly Making Vogue A Fashion Bible For The 21st Century

He helped end the white-out that dominated catwalks and magazines and now he’s determined to make British Vogue the fashion bible.

Ghanaian Born Edward Enninful is a British fashion stylist that’s creating a new wave in the fashion industry and Vogue magazine.

As the editor in chief for British Vogue Magazine, he’s wearing shoes that date back 101 years.

One might be inclined to think such shoes would be quite intimidating but from the looks of things, Enninful is anything but shy of carrying forward this empire and stepping it up to a whole new level.

The throne suits him well. He wears the crown with pride, vigor, enthusiasm and a profound sense of humility that I haven’t witnessed in many other fashion superstars.

It might have something to do with the fact that he is a very grounded individual even though he’s spent all his adult life and a good portion of his teen years in the fashion world bubble.

Inspired by the streets and his seamstress mother who migrated with the rest of the family to London when he was just a child, Edward Enninful has a very distinct style that even those of us who aren’t fashion obsessed can connect with. He was obviously destined to be someone of great significance in the fashion world.

He got his “fashion baptism” during his teen years. Spotted on the street first by Simon Foxton and then by a model scout. Remember the Naomi Campbell story? Golden opportunities come knocking in the most unassuming ways sometimes.

Not sure if these kinds of things still happen today. I suppose those days of chivalry are over but in case you believe you’re a destined superstar, I highly recommend walking on the streets more!
Which streets? I guess we might need to have a conversation with some of these great individuals to see what tips they share although my guess would be even a good YouTube channel might do the trick in our digital society! Snap chat maybe?


Going back to this highly celebrated iconic figure who certainly believes that in his reign, British Vogue will become a fashion bible, I wanted to understand what sets him apart.

Surely it’s not everyday that a man of African origin rises to such glory. Working with both Italian and American Vogue and collaborating with names like Dolce and Gabbana, Armani, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss to name a few.

There are certainly hidden gems in him that have enabled him to rise so high in his career path having come from such humble beginnings.

Judging from the level of grace and ingenuity he carries, we’ll get to hear a lot more from him in the coming months. But some things we know for sure.

Edward Enninful is more than just a fashion lover and celebrated fashion figure. He is a visionary and a leader.

The kind of leader the fashion world has been waiting for. He perceives fashion as a form of self-expression. An outlet for creativity and a way for individuals to uniquely tell their story.

” When you leave your house in the morning, however you dress is how you want the world to see you.”

Though his modeling career was brief, he has remained at the core of fashion itself for decades. Appointed the youngest fashion director for an international publication, Enninful has evolved and naturally mastered his craft in the last 25 years.

Yes, his edgy elegant trademark is hard to miss but in my opinion, it’s his subtle leadership skills that will take him all the way to the top with his current goals.

There’s a certain level of open-mindedness, heart centeredness and genuine love for diversity and authenticity oozing from within.

Diversity is really the key word in our modern society and Vogue is here to help us embrace and celebrate that under the new reign of Enninful.

“Fashion can say a lot about the times we live in: about race, about creed, about size. Now more than ever, people are really embracing that. Diversity really is the word, and it’s about enjoying our difference; I always believe that a diverse range of voices is more powerful than one singular vision or voice. I don’t believe in tokenism, but different people being a part of the conversation in order for us to move forward? That I like.”

This belief is starting to spill over onto his current vogue projects and from the looks of things, the world is more than ready to step into this new approach and perspective on what fashion today needs to embody.

Our true knowledge of what fashion is might be in need of an upgrade and thanks to emerging leaders like Edward; we are taking a step forward in the direction of reshaping the boundaries and stigmatic ideologies that once tainted fashion arts and music.

From the models he’s choosing to work with both on cover shots and magazine contributors to the carefully thought out team working with him, this is obviously a man who understands the need to lead with the head and heart.

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