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The Stylemeister Lloyd Boston Opens Up On An Exclusive Conversation With Ebanman

The Stylemeister Lloyd Boston Opens Up On An Exclusive Conversation With Ebanman

“I take my work very seriously, but I don’t take myself very seriously. It’s just style and TV”

Lloyd Boston has been helping the world become more chic and fashion conscious for over 20 years. America has grown to know and love him as Television host, author and style expert. His presence is rapidly growing and being appreciated far beyond the American borders.

Big time celebrities including Oprah all value the gift he brings to the table or should I say the closet – as a style and fashion aficionado.

But this man is much more than just a stylemeister and fashion evangelist. There’s a lot more to him than just making people look chic and fabulous.

For most lifestyle writers the point of focus when it comes to gaining words of wisdom from this highly sought after celebrity stylist is his fashion and style tips.

Ways in which we can enhance our personal style and bring out the best in us without breaking the bank. But when Ebanman magazine gave me the chance to explore the exciting world of Lloyd Boston, I wanted to take a different journey with him.

Approaching this naturally gifted artist in a somewhat unusual way revealed a deeper, more visionary aspect to Boston.

Beyond just being an ambitious, naturally talented creative individual, Boston carries a vision that goes beyond the superficial perceptions we often attach to style and fashion.

In this exclusive conversation Lloyd Boston opens up about working with Ebanman magazine, his perspective on fashion, style and what you can do to excel and become a better leader.

Ebanman: How do you define style and fashion?

Boston: Style is timeless. Fashion can be fleeting. An 80/20 combination of style to fashion is my prescription.

Ebanman: What attracted you to the world of fashion?

Boston: I’m an artist. It’s a gift. I’ve always been a naturally gifted illustrator who simply loves clothes.

Ebanman: Describe for us in few words the journey your clients go through when working with you.

Boston: As a style expert, It’s another 80/20 moment. Styling a woman or man) is about 20%hands-on dressing, and 80% psychology—and “getting to know”.

Once I know a client’s body, budget, and busy lifestyle, I can create classic looks that bring out their best.

I’ve also had corporations like Jones New York, Lens Crafters, Tommy Hilfiger, Family Dollar, Scotch Porter, and Moet as clients. In such cases my goal is to bring a razor-sharp eye and fresh marketing strategies to brands that inspire me.

Ebanman: What’s one thing you’d want your fans and audience to know about you that doesn’t get emphasised enough on mainstream media?

Boston: I take my work very seriously, but I don’t take myself very seriously. It’s just style and TV

Ebanman: What inspires you in life and business?

Boston: Design inspires me. I love all aspects of it. Interior design, fabrics and clothing, products. Film production design, architecture, theatre set design, costumes. This list could go on for a long time.

I could live in a world of design, and not need food!

Ebanman: What has influenced your decision to work with Ebanman Lifestyle magazine and how does this align with your life’s mission?

Boston: As an author and journalist, it’s important that we support each other.

This unique platform celebrates my community, while hopefully inspiring future generations to come.

Ebanman: What’s one major challenge you see in our modernized society and is there a connecting link between fashion, style and the solution to that problem that we need become aware of?

Boston: Young men and women are placing more value on social media and personal appearance—than substance and learning.
My hope is for people to see style as a complement to a well-rounded individual, and not define them.

Ebanman: You’ve successfully authored amazing books including “Men of colour; fashion, history, fundamentals”. What advice can you give the modern man of colour to excel and become a better leader?

Boston: Focus on your passion, not money or success. If you add an intense work ethic to that—the results will amaze you.

Ebanman: What can we expect to see from you in the next year?

Boston: My current TV home is the WENDY SHOW. The show airs in over 60 countries now. You’ll see me there, doing what I do best—sharing style with the world.

Ebanman: If you were a cartoon character, which would you be and why?

Boston: I’d draw and create my own cartoon character. I’ve never been much of a follower.

And there you have it. The stylemeister himself sharing in his own words a little more than just style and fashion tips.

There’s no doubt his impact, expertise and love for style will be impacting our wonderful community and enhancing our closets in fresh new ways.

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