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6 Tips to Boost Your Summer 2018 Outfit

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Wear Something Super Trendy to WorkWhether you’re planning a business meeting with a client or you’re attending a business conference, don’t be afraid to wear something trendy to boost your summer 2018 outfits. A great example is a TOBA unisex handmade top by African menswear designer Kamsi Tcharles.

2. Socks do count

When choosing a sock to wear, you don’t have to match your shoe color. Instead, choose the color of your tie, blazer or your shirt to match with. This will complete your summer 2018 outfit.

3. Add a bold color

Don’t be afraid to wear a bold color or pattern with your summer 2018 outfit. For example, adding a splash of summer colors against a solid colored piece will instantly update your look like in the Kamsi Tcharles outfit above.

4. Always carry a silk handkerchief

In fact, buy a couple of nice silk handkerchiefs to use when you need to wipe the sweat away from your face. Tissues create too much clutter. In the Kamsi Tcharles outfit above, you’ll see that the handkerchief is not only functional, but also a perfect accessory for this summer 2018 outfit.

5. Don’t Get Rid of Your Fruit of the Loom T-Shirts

Some fashion experts will advise against men wearing a t-shirt underneath a dress shirt trend. They claim it’s too 1950s. This is not just a fashion trend. Certain dress shirts must be worn with a shirt underneath to help prevent sweat from leaking through your shirt. There is nothing more unsightly than a well-dressed man that has sweaty underarms that can be seen through his shirt.

6. Find a good tailor

An excellent way to boost your summer 2018 outfit is to add a well-fitted suit to your wardrobe. A skilled tailor can fit your suits, blazers, and pants so they appear custom-made to fit. Your clothes will look and feel better. What have you worn lately that gave your outfit a boost? Please share!]]>

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