Lasting Love Should Not Be a Figment of Your Imagination

Lasting Love Should Not Be a Figment of Your Imagination

Are you one of those people who think lasting love only happens in movies or fairy tales? We are here to prove you wrong. Just because you have experienced several disappointments does not mean you have to give up love altogether. Only people that have been in love know how painful break ups can be. They kind of make you stop believing in others, or more precisely stop believing in love in general. And it’s valid for many people over 30, including black gay men.

Whether gay or straight, it does not matter, we all become vulnerable and hesitant when someone literally breaks our heart. But remember, lasting love does exist in real life. Don’t think of it as just a figment of your imagination or an idea gained from romantic films. Here are some tips on how to attract the right people and find your genuine and long-lasting love:

1.Stop Searching for Love

stop searching for love

This may sound super frivolous, but it’s pretty effective. In many cases, love finds you when you stop looking for it. Of course, you should not stay at home alone all the time and forget about your social life. You should go out often and communicate with different people, but stop obsessing over finding the perfect partner. According to many couples, you get to meet “the one” when you finally realize it’s bad to be with anyone just not to be alone. And when you feel content in your own company, the right person will show up and complement you in any way.

2.Be Yourself and Don’t Rush Things

be yourself and don't rush things

In case you have already met someone and hope to turn this into a lasting relationship, you just need to be yourself and show your best traits. It’s not necessary to try seductive techniques or play games. Always remember, if you want the relationship to become long-term, avoid such manipulation. People often try to present themselves in the best way possible and create a perfect image in their partner’s imagination. But the truth will come out eventually, so be honest.

Another mistake is to rush things right in the beginning. Don’t do that because your partner might feel pressured and scared. Discuss everything and make sure you are both ready to take bigger steps in your relationship. When you both pay attention, it is guaranteed something great will develop.

3.Engage with Life and Just Have Fun

just have fun being yourself
African athlete smiling positively after a good training session outdoors

Even if you feel lonely lately, try to live at full speed. Every time you get an invitation to a party, don’t decline it. On the contrary, don’t make excuses, but go out and have a lot of fun. There is no guarantee you will meet your soulmate at a party, but you will certainly not meet them sitting at home depressed either. How many stories have you heard of people who didn’t want to go anywhere but they had a fantastic time instead or even met someone?

Long-term relationships might be hard to start over 30, but they are not impossible to. We all have different preferences and established habits, but when the right person comes along, we can see for ourselves that compromises are thoroughly worth it.


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