Loungewear provides a stylish yet comfortable feeling while relaxing at home. Whether you want to relax or have a super comfy rest during a long international flight, the loungewear style will give you the moments. With an increase in men’s casual clothing, it can be possible to get overwhelmed with choosing the right and trusted loungewear dealers.

In this installment on The Loungewear style, we bring you a guide to where you can find the best men’s loungewear in the US. And these are not those pajamas that you will never dare to go out with!

Lee Rickie

Lee Rickie is the owner and founder of the Lee Rickie Collection, the men’s luxury and lifestyle brand. The e-commerce driven apparel company has its headquarters in California. IT designs, manufactures, and sells menswear clothing.

Lee Rickie company has leaned on manufacturing men’s ready- to-wear garments.

This brand has been selling to posh boutiques across the world since 2016. It is an established brand whose designs have been worn by celebrities like StephanieStepahnie Mills, Diddy, Tony Toni Tone, and Dwele, among many others.

LeeRickie continues to impact the menswear industry by providing excellent customer experience and quality menswear.

LeeRickie collection online shop provides up to 70% off free shipping for purchases above $100.

There are several comfy loungewear in the store priced as low as $120! Combine convenience, style, and comfort while at home with their loungewear.

M Diggs NYC

The idea is to wear an outfit that will take you with little effort from bed to breakfast, without feeling the old fashioned sleepwear.

Owned by M Diggs, a fashion designer, creative director, and a visual merchandiser, M Diggs NYC is a fashion retail brand that designs and develops trendy apparel. This brand is dedicated to expanding the idea of menswear by designing for those who want to be dressed in style and be comfortable.

They have dressed celebrities like Tiffany Haddish, Kalen Allen, Fantasia Barino, among others. The brand also gained much attention from the Colored Girl Campaign, whose aim was to denounce the stereotype of colorism portrayed by the media. The show allowed ten women who wore M.Digg’s gowns to speak about their experiences.

The gowns stole the show and got people talking within a few hours; it was in Vogue, Yahoo, FashionBombDaily, Cosmo, Instyle, and Huffpost!

M.Diggs NYC Store has several collections for you, and you can get comfortable from as low as $50.

Alexandre Yarde

Alexandre Yarde is a Legday collection brand that deals with Underwear, socks, and robe collections. This brand has leaned towards providing menswear since it was introduced.

Their legendary collection is about underwear pants with the “Leg Day” label and is sold from $23.99.

The robes are labeled with the brand’s name and are sold for $99.99. The socks also have the brand label along with the logo and are sold for $12.99. Alexandre also designs tracksuits that go for $160. All the products are available in all the sizes except the socks, which all are in the same size.

Caffery Van Horne

Caffery Van Horne is a Vogue published fashion designer and an award-winning photographer, who has always been referred to as the stylist-at-large. His design experience is attached to his educational background, where he studied fashion and design at the International Academy of Merchandising and Design.

He also added a diploma in hairstyling from the Topaz School of Beauty. He even scaled the heights of education further with a degree in photography from Ryerson University. He has won lots of awards for excelling in different fields he has specialized in.

The Caffery Van Horne store is strategically categorized according to your loungewear needs and other products such as custom bags and bespoke gowns. Caffery also provides consultation services around the design industry.

He also serves as a personal shopper and represents several artists and their artistry, all displayed in his store.


Llewellyn is a contemporary sportswear brand for men that was founded in 2005.

The Company’s philosophy is that “True Style is Remembered and not just noticed.”

This is why the Company strives to design wearable fashion clothing that is bold to give men confidence and be remembered. The Company is located in Llewellyn, New Jersey, USA.

Their store is categorized into:

  • Pants( joggers, and trousers), which start from $50
  • Outwear(jackets, hoodies, and coats) which start from $65
  • Shirts( Men’s shirts, t-shirts, and tunics
  • Swimwear/Underwear and Intimates
  • Complete sets

Darrin Ebron

As Darrin Ebron puts it, “Wear Art, Not Clothes,” his brand was created as the inclination of his art and music talents.

Ebron, the Baltimore-born designer, has a degree in Fine Arts, where he got his interest and expertise in fashion, luxury, style, and quality of living.

The color-lover artist has spent several years perfecting casual luxury using art and color. His seasonal collection bears the “I love Color” label, which Ebron says enhances complexion and brings out sensuality. His capsule collection puts “The Ultimate In Luxury” loungewear, scarves, and travel outfits into consideration.

The store consists of scarves, sweatshirts, kimonos, and travel accessories for both genders.

Sir Joe Exclusive Collection

Sir Joe Exclusive is a unisex fashion collection brand based in Downtown, Los Angeles.

Joe Watson is the real name of the founder and owner of the brand.

The brand has been operating for twenty years now, providing comfort to celebrities like Keyshia Cole, Summer Walker, and K. Michelle, Eve, LisaRaye, and more.

The Sir Joe Collection provides luxury loungewear, blouses, shorts, and robes, with bold prints.

Other services by this brand include:

  • Product placement
  • Branding
  • Marketing, among others.

Joe’s line is exceptional and luxurious, and its loungewear line can be worn at any time of the day, be it daytime, or at night, or as he puts it, “From Street To Sleep.”

Joe continues to design as he gets booked every day. His Atelier is in Downtown LA, and you can only visit by appointment!


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