Tech gadgets for couples

Technology has helped us relate with our partners better especially through making it easy to communicate whenever we need to. The invention of the computer, the internet, and smartphones has made it easy for couples to keep in touch no matter the distance. With social media and instant messaging apps, it is now possible to have your message sent to your partner that is thousands of miles away in just seconds.

But besides these inventions, there are several other inventions that you may not have heard of, which can also help you relate better with your partner. In this article, we are going to share with you the tech gadgets that will improve your relationship with your significant other. Let’s dig in.

Long-distance touch bracelet

If you are away from your partner, one of the ways they can know that you are thinking about them is through calling or sending a text message. This may sometimes not be convenient and romantic more so if you do it a lot of times in a day. However, with this Long-distance touch bracelet, you will be able to let your partner know that you are thinking about them by simply tapping your bracelet.

When you touch your bracelet, it will create a vibration on your partner’s bracelet and also send a sweet message to them. This kind of gesture will surely melt the heart of your partner more so if you haven’t seen each other for a couple of days.

Hologram projector

Watching the moon and the stars with your loved one is one of those moments that many couples love more so during the warm nights when you can easily be out together without freezing. However, in times when the skies are cloudy or when you don’t want to get out, a projector hologram can simulate the stars and moon right in your bedroom.

So you don’t have to move outside to look at the moon and count stars, this handy gadget will have it done for you right in your bedroom. These hologram projectors can project the sky in your room in different colors, so you have the freedom to choose the color you would like to look at.

The LDR Watch by Kitmen Keung

This watch is stylish and slick, but this is not the main reason it is on this list. The handy feature about this watch that you can take advantage of in your relationship is its ability to show you time from different time zones. It has two sections on its display (one light and the other dark) that you can use to set time for two different cities.

So, if your partner has traveled to Paris and you are in Florida, you can set one section of the watch to show Florida’s time and the other to show Paris time. With this watch, you will stay updated on what time it is in the city where your partner has traveled. So, you will be able to know the right time to contact them with ease.

HB ring

This ring will help you feel the heartbeat of your partner in real-time. So,you have to buy two rings (one for you and the other for your partner), and they sync them through a mobile app. These rings will then collect the heartbeat data of your partner and then send it to you.

This ring even gives you the option of saving a heartbeat and playing it whenever you want to. So, if you are someone who travels a lot, which will make you miss your partner when you are away, this ring is what you need.

The Hug Shirt

If you miss hugging your partner whenever you are away, you need to get this shirt. Whenever both of you are putting on this shirt, it creates sensations of a hug by using the skin’s warmth and heartbeat of your partner. So, whenever you want to hug your partner, you simply have to put on this shirt and you will feel the same sensations as if you were hugging them.

This shirt is a handy gadget for couples that spend a couple of days without seeing each other.

Frebble hand holding device

This device lets you hold the hand of your partner when you are not with them by simply grabbing it. It will simulate the warmth of your lover’s hand and the heart rate to make the handshake feel like it is real. 

With this handy gadget, you won’t have to miss the feel of your lover’s hands even when you are miles away from them. So, every time you want to grab their hands, simply hold this device.

It would even feel more real when both of you hold this device during a video call on Facetime or skype.

Final thoughts

The above list has some of the best unusual handy gadgets that will make your love life with your partner easier especially if you are far away from them. The sole objective for all of them is to ensure you and your significant other are in touch in a more realistic way than just a phone call or text message. You can try out any of these based on which one you find convenient.


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