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Step Out in Award-Winning Suit Style for Summer

It is a great honor to receive an invitation to an award show, fundraiser, or gala, but that only means it’s time to step up your suit style and impress the guests (and yourself). There is a downside though, especially when it comes to suit styling rules. Sometimes you’re just not motivated enough to follow fashion rules! Some major events are laidback – anything goes. These are the best to attend because you can wear practically any type of outfit you want. Then there are some hosts who are strict when it comes to attire. If you show up wearing anything that’s not up to par, you may risk not being allowed to enter the engagement. To avoid the embarrassment, here’s a quick cheat sheet to stepping up your suit style for Summer. If your wedding invite is a “white tie” affair – the suit style is very similar to how you would dress at the Oscars. You should wear a tuxedo (with a long black jacket with tails), a white vest with a white bow tie or white tie – topped off with black shoes. However, you can break the rules a little and wear a formal black suit by designer Henry Coffie.

Formal Black Suit by Henry Coffie


If the wedding invitation reads: “black tie” – this means the wedding will be an evening event. The suit style rules include wearing a tuxedo, black bow tie, and black patent leather shoes. If your invite reads: “cocktail attire” – you can be creative with your suit style. You don’t have to opt for a tuxedo. In fact, you can go all out in this one (within reason of course). So, if you absolutely hate suit style outfit rules, there is a solution. Bring a change of clothes to change into immediately after the ceremony in time for the reception. You might be able to pull it off!]]>

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