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The Teddy Winston Brand

The Teddy Winston Brand

Showing You How To Groom And Excel From The Inside Out + A Few Insider Tips For SuccessThe renaissance era might be over but not for the Teddy Winston man. Handsome. Original. Debonair. Bold. Well groomed and luxurious are qualities the Teddy Winston brand embodies. It is becoming quite common for men from every ethnic background and colour to seek out ways of bringing to life the forgotten virtues, characteristics, and qualities they feel best accentuates who they are in this world. Teddy Winston is determined to lead the way and carve out a new path for men of colour. The birth of the Teddy Winston Brand couldn’t have taken place at a more opportune time. In an age where there’s constant talk about the lack of identity, sense of confusion and an overall feeling of frustration being experienced by so-called millennials, Teddy Winston brand seems to be preaching a different message. Masculinity is said to have lost its edge according to mainstream media and gossip magazines. Perhaps there is some truth in that, and if so, Teddy Winston is certainly playing his role as a modern-day renaissance man to help rekindle the fire, drive, ambition and sex appeal men of great value were known to have. Through his own struggles, trying to find his voice in this world as well as grow an attractive, healthy beard, Teddy did what every enlightened leader does. He focused his energy, resources and time to become part of the solution to the problem he was facing as a man of colour. A year later notwithstanding lots of trials, error, and tribulations the dream of having a perfect formula for grooming and growing a healthy attractive and shiny beard came to life. And the brand has taken a life of its own. It has evolved from just selling products to inspiring, educating, motivating and offering practical ways of living a successful lifestyle. An overarching theme that can be sensed across the entire brand is the need to be authentic, to self-express and to strive for excellence. Grooming is more than just looks. As teddy eloquently states, ” we don’t just sell products, we build character through commodities that accentuate the natural essence of a man.” Clearly, the man behind this brand is an individual carrying a vision that surpasses the superficial need to buy stuff. Beauty is more than skin deep and there are those who have made it their life’s mission to prove there is beauty in diversity and distinction.

How can you take your grooming style and professional performance to the next level?

According to Teddy Winston, stepping up your game is a necessity if you want to enjoy the good life. But tackling the entire problem in one fell swoop is probably not the smartest way to go about it. Simple baby steps taken consistently, with great intention and good strategy are the best way to go. Here are three simple insider secrets that you can apply in your life today to step things up and bring out a more handsome, magnetic and successful version of yourself:

Tip #1: Start thinking, acting and planning like a business leader.

Whether you are employed, running a successful business or still trying to score your first gig, this is the time to develop the leader in you.

Tip#2: Let go of those out-dated myths like ” go big or go home”… It gets you nowhere!

Instead, focus on having a good plan and strategy in place. Start small, succeed and then go big!

Tip#3: Develop a strong authentic sense of self. You need it if you want to rise to greatness.

Without a healthy strong sense of self, we easily fall into the pit of false identification or we become dependent on the approval and labels others give us. Don’t fall for the false belief that you must define yourself or depend on another to define you. Chances are it will only cause you to keep shifting between judgment and resentment both of yourself and others. How you are should never be defined by how someone else is. Success requires self-confidence. Your self-confidence should not come from what others think of you. In a very compelling article by Teddy Winston, he reveals his perspective on this very sensitive topic. Of course, it traces back to the personal sense of identity that we all tend to attach to. “We are defined by our character, our relationships, our energies, our dreams and to some extent, through our achievements, all subject to time,” says Winston. According to a research conducted by William W. Maddux, people who have significant multicultural experiences are more creative. With all this research and the increased awareness offered by Teddy, it becomes easier to understand the value of knowing oneself and boldly expressing it. The more you understand who you are, where you are coming from and the purpose of your life, the more you may be able to show compassion and understanding in conflicting and even challenging situations thereby creating an opportunity rather than perpetuating the crisis. Without a doubt, Teddy Winston Brand is representing the dawn of a new modern era that is infused with tradition, integrity, authenticity, and boldness. Setting themselves apart from just another “lifestyle and grooming” product for men, they are providing a platform where renaissance men can receive support, motivation and one heck of a beard!]]>

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