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Top Trends & Street Style Picks for This Week

Golf ShirtsYeah, we know this trend is not officially released until next year. Think of it as a sneak peek of 2019. Designer Brett Johnson is bringing back the golf shirt in his Spring – Summer 2019 collection. His tapered at the waist golf shirts can be worn with shorts and sandals or sneakers. Golf shirts work well with a black or white cross body bag (see below).

White out!!!

All white is a street style that works well with a pair of brand-name sneakers paired with contrasting colored laces. Wearing white works best when it’s extremely hot outside.

Waist bag

The first thing that comes to mind when people think of waist bags are those cheesy run waist bags that soccer moms wear on school field trips. Waist bags can look classy – it all depends on what you wear and how you wear it with your outfit.

Cross body bags

We realize that waist bags aren’t the perfect street style solution for ever man. Cross body bags are a more fashionable alternative. They are the perfect accessory to wear all year round. It’s not just for keeping your wallet and other important essentials in one place, there’s enough space to slip in your iPhone or Android.


Bright colored Djellabas is a men’s fashion trend in full swing. This loose-fitting outer robe has full length sleeves and it is very comfortable to wear as loungewear or to wear around town. This traditional garb is normally worn in the North Africa (Maghreb region). Djellabas are perfect to wear in warmer regions like Nevada, Arizona and Los Angeles. They work perfectly with jeans or casual slim pants.]]>

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